In-Home Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care

We help clients maintain their dignity by letting them continue their regular routines despite cognitive decline.

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Alzheimer’s and related dementias are progressive diseases that worsen over time and affect cognitive functioning. Many seniors with Alzheimer’s also experience Sundowner’s Syndrome.

Early signs of these diseases can affect daily functioning as they include memory loss, confusion, difficulty completing familiar tasks, misplacement of items, decreased judgment, withdrawal from social activities and changes in mood or personality.

In-Home Alzheimer’s Care Service

You are not alone. We understand that when a loved one is diagnosed with this disease, it can be a very difficult time.

Alzheimer’s Disease is often described as the most feared disease in the United States. Many people have limited knowledge about this complicated form of dementia, nor an understanding for when and why the condition occurs.

Our goal at Nurse Next Door is to provide you with quality care as well as to provide you with as much knowledge as possible to support you and your loved ones as you navigate this disease.


How Nurse Next Door provides Alzheimer’s care?

While researchers continue to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, caregivers are looking for ways to improve the quality of life for patients with these debilitating memory disorders.

In addition to understanding why and how this disease can take hold, Nurse Next Door will be by your side step by step as we design a care plan together that will suit your loved one’s specific condition and needs.

Our comprehensive Alzheimer’s care begins with an in-person conversation with you and your loved ones as well as a member of our senior care team.

In-Home Dementia Care Service

We will help you develop a supportive dementia care plan that’s right for your loved ones.

Does my loved one have Dementia?

You find that mom or dad are losing their keys more and more often. Tasks that once seemed like a piece of cake are now feeling laborious and confusing for them. You surf the web looking for answers and end up getting lost in a sea of confusion yourself.

Are they ok? Should you be worried?

These are all too familiar questions for those of us with ageing parents and family members. And the biggest one we often find ourselves asking ourselves and one another is: is it Dementia?

Even when we think we’re observing subtle and sometimes more obvious changes in our loved ones’ behavior, personality and sense of wellbeing, it’s not always as easy to decipher exactly what is happening within each individual or how to accurately diagnose each specific situation. Is it normal aging and an average amount of forgetfulness due to an extra stressful or busy day that week? Or is the condition actually Dementia and require more attention and an action plan ASAP?

At Nurse Next Door, we strive to support you as much as possible by providing you with top-notch care as well as relevant information on the aging process and access to medical experts. It’s our number one goal to help you reach the best decisions for yourself and your family at the right time when it comes to caring for your loved ones and better understanding their different chapters of life.

How can we best care for our loved one with Dementia?

Alzheimer’ Association states that more than 15 million people in the United States are caring for someone with Dementia. Taking care of someone you love can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it can also be a daunting, emotionally draining and mentally challenging responsibility.

As Dementia starts to progress, it may become increasingly difficult to navigate the terrain of feeling like you’re losing the family member you once knew. As a caregiver, friend or family member, you may get frustrated with the fact that your loved one is finding it harder to communicate.

He or she may lose the ability to recognize family members’ names and faces. Equally as challenging, as Dementia begins to affect your loved one in the later stages, you will see them begin to lose their independence and become more reliant on you. This is the hardest part for both you and the person you care for.

While researchers continue to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, caregivers are looking for ways to improve the quality of life for patients with these debilitating memory disorders.

In addition to understanding why and how this disease can take hold, Nurse Next Door will be by your side step by step as we design a care plan together that will suit your loved one’s specific condition and needs.

Our comprehensive Alzheimer’s care begins with an in-person conversation with you and your loved ones as well as a member of our senior care team.

24/7 Care, Consistent Visits

Our 24/7 dementia care & Alzheimer care service gives you peace of mind and reassurance that your loved one is receiving quality one-on-one care, minimizing any risk or harm to them. Our clients are carefully matched with caregivers based on our expert Care Designer’s assessment. To avoid confusion for clients, we always strive for consistency when sending in caregivers so they can recognize any inconsistencies in a client’s routine and clients are comfortable receiving care from someone they trust.

Caregivers trained in Dementia care & Alzheimer’s care

Our caregivers are trained in dementia care & Alzheimer’s care so that they can competently deal with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. We recognize that each situation is unique. We understand how Alzheimer’s & dementia can affect clients and their families as it is a difficult process for both. Nurse Next Door provides support and guidance to clients and their families in dealing with ongoing challenges and responsibilities of providing care.

Relieve Family Members

In many situations, family members often act as caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s and related dementia which causes a stressful environment for both parties. Our goal is to relieve family members and provide respite care so that you never need to worry if your loved one is safe.

Activities of Daily Living & Independence

Alzheimer’s and related dementia can greatly impact a senior’s daily routine so Nurse Next Door’s goal is to help clients get back to doing what they love. Our caregivers will not only help clients with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) and personal activities of daily living (ADLs), but they will also ensure that clients are able to maintain their independence under our caregivers’ supervision.

Our services include:

  • Providing techniques to improve communication
  • Coping strategies for family caregivers to deal with challenging behaviours
  • Maintaining a familiar and safe environment with a daily routine
  • Using memory games and activities for mental stimulation
  • Family support through resources, training and educating
  • Providing respite care
  • Personal support services
  • Promoting a physical activity plan

Nurse Next Door Services

Companionship services for seniors


Isolation often leads to depression in the elderly. Our caregivers, skilled in senior living assistance, provide social interaction for overall well-being and in-home nursing care.
Meal Preparation Services for seniors

Meal Preparation

A nutritious diet comes with many health benefits. Our caregivers love to prepare delicious meals, including specific ethnic dishes if requested.

Home Making Services for seniors


We offer light housekeeping services to help our clients with daily activities. This way, seniors can stay at home in a safe and clean environment.

Senior In Home Care Nursing

In-Home Care Nursing

For optimal health, our Registered Nurses and Licensed/Registered Practical Nurses help prevent illness and increase comfort at home.

Personal care services for seniors

Personal Care

From bathing to shaving, we design personal in-home senior care to support day-to-day independence.

Respite care services for caregivers

Caregiver Relief / Respite Care

It takes time and energy to care for a loved one. Respite care offers temporary relief so you can recharge and enjoy time with Mom or Dad.

End of Life Care services

End-of-Life Care

Everyone deserves comfort, quality of life, and respect for personal treatment decisions and cultural or spiritual concerns. We provide support and family support - at home or in a care facility.

Local transportation services for seniors

Transportation / Accompaniment

Without reliable transportation, it can be tough to get to appointments and activities. Let us arrange for transportation and accompaniment with a friendly and attentive caregiver.

All day care for seniors

Around-the-Clock Care

Whether it’s 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the middle of the night, we support clients who need care any time. Services can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Nurse Next Door instead of hiring a private caregiver?
Finding the right kind of senior home care can be difficult but at Nurse Next Door we make sure you know exactly what you will be receiving with our services. Here are some of the questions you should consider prior to making that decision:

What kind of background and screening checks can you do on your own for a caregiver?

All Nurse Next Door Caregivers are carefully screened with criminal background checks and vulnerable sector checks. We confirm our Caregivers’ educational credentials and verify upon hire and annually, that every nurse is registered and in good standing with their respective College of Nurses. If you hire a caregiver privately, you will need to perform background checks and screening yourself.

If my caregiver is unavailable, who will fill in?

At Nurse Next Door, we ensure there is a replacement when one of our Caregivers becomes unavailable. We believe in continuity of care and will contact you to inform you of a Caregiver change. If you hire a caregiver privately, it may be difficult to find a replacement caregiver depending on how much notice is given.

Will I have the same Caregiver or Nurse all the time?
At Nurse Next Door, we strive for consistency of care and provide regularly assigned Caregivers. Our goal is to find the perfect match between our clients and Caregivers based on their needs, hobbies, and interests. Caregiver consistency is essential to building strong relationships, and delivering on our philosophy of Happier Aging®.
Are your home care services only for seniors?
No, we provide home health care services to the entire age spectrum – from newborn babies to seniors. While our specialty is in providing Happier Aging® experiences to seniors, we can also provide assistance with special needs care for children and adults with disabilities, as well as post-operative care, health checks, and other services for any age.
Can I just try our Nurse Next Door or do I have to sign a long-term contract?
You are not locked into a long-term contract. You may cancel care from us at anytime — we just need a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel services without any cost.

To try out Nurse Next Door, just contact us to book a complimentary, no-obligation Caring Consult™. We believe in making things easy for you. One of our Care Designers will visit your home to assess your needs and design a care plan with you, which will including frequency and duration of care.

What if I need to speak to someone after business hours?

Our Care Services Center is open around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call at any time and one of our Care Services Specialists will be happy to assist you.

How much does Nurse Next Door cost?
Nurse Next Door’s services vary in price depending on the level of care required, and the Nurse Next Door Care Team that services your area. To get a better idea of price in your area, speak to one of our Care Services Specialists — we’re open any time 24/7.

We also offer a complimentary Caring Consult™, where one of our Care Designers will help you determine the amount of care you may require. We’ll work with you to balance your budget and needs to find a home care option for you.