Personalized Senior Home Care Services

Nurse Next Door offers elderly care services and home health care solutions tailored to match Mom, Dad, you, or your loved one with the ideal Caregiver, ensuring quality aging in place.

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  • Licensed & Personalized Caregivers for happier and safer home healthcare
  • Less expensive and no long-term contracts

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About Nurse Next Door Sunshine Coast

It’s about providing comprehensive elderly companionship and care, not just health care. Our senior care solutions are designed to help you or your loved ones get back to enjoying the activities and passions you cherish.

  • Expert 24/7 Home Health Care Services that specialize in Happiness. Get the care you deserve!
  • Compassionate & Experienced Caregivers perfectly matched to your unique caring needs and interests.
  • Our Care Team is skilled in offering home-based elderly care and can assist with a range of healthcare needs. From elderly medication management to health monitoring and ensuring senior safety at home, we also facilitate transportation to appointments and more.
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Nurse Next Door Services

Companionship services for seniors


Isolation often leads to depression in the elderly. Our caregivers, skilled in senior living assistance, provide social interaction for overall well-being and in-home nursing care.
Meal Preparation Services for seniors

Meal Preparation

A nutritious diet comes with many health benefits. Our caregivers love to prepare delicious meals, including specific ethnic dishes if requested.

Home Making Services for seniors


We offer light housekeeping services to help our clients with daily activities. This way, seniors can stay at home in a safe and clean environment.

Senior In Home Care Nursing

In-Home Care Nursing

For optimal health, our Registered Nurses and Licensed/Registered Practical Nurses help prevent illness and increase comfort at home.

Personal care services for seniors

Personal Care

From bathing to shaving, we design personal in-home senior care to support day-to-day independence.

Respite care services for caregivers

Caregiver Relief / Respite Care

It takes time and energy to care for a loved one. Respite care offers temporary relief so you can recharge and enjoy time with Mom or Dad.

End of Life Care services

End-of-Life Care

Everyone deserves comfort, quality of life, and respect for personal treatment decisions and cultural or spiritual concerns. We provide support and family support - at home or in a care facility.

Local transportation services for seniors

Transportation / Accompaniment

Without reliable transportation, it can be tough to get to appointments and activities. Let us arrange for transportation and accompaniment with a friendly and attentive caregiver.

All day care for seniors

Around-the-Clock Care

Whether it’s 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the middle of the night, we support clients who need care any time. Services can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly.

Happier AgingTM

A home care agency that helps seniors do what they love

From golf and swimming to pottery and music, happiness for seniors is about rediscovering the joys and fun in life. With our expertise in geriatric home care and our philosophy of Happier Aging, we aim to support senior wellness at every step.

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What is Happier Aging™? It starts with one simple question…

“What did you use to love doing that you no longer do?”

Happier Aging is Nurse Next Door’s philosophy of care: for our clients, their families, our people and everyone we meet.

At Nurse Next Door, we want to change the perceptions of aging, We believe that getting older doesnt have to feel sad or helpless; instead, aging is something worth celebrating.

As Atul Gawande wrote in his book, Being Mortal, “Our ultimate goal, after all, is not a good death but a good life to the very end”

Through our principles of Choice, Belonging, Respect, Autonomy and Purpose, we live Happier Aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Nurse Next Door caregiver helping a senior in the garden
What is the difference between senior home care and a nursing home?

Senior home care provides personalized care services to seniors in the comfort of their own homes. It can range from companionship and daily living assistance to specialized medical care. A nursing home, on the other hand, is a residential facility where seniors live and receive 24/7 care and supervision. While home care allows seniors to maintain a sense of independence and familiarity in their own environment, nursing homes offer a more structured setting with on-site medical facilities.

How do I determine the level of care my elderly loved one needs?

Determining the level of care required starts with an assessment of the senior’s physical, emotional, and medical needs. Consider factors like their ability to perform daily tasks, any medical conditions they have, and their social and emotional well-being. Consulting with a healthcare professional or a senior care specialist can provide insights and recommendations tailored to your loved one’s specific situation.

Are senior home care services covered by the Canadian health care system or private insurance?

Coverage for senior home care services varies depending on the provincial or territorial health care plan and any private insurance policies. While some services might be covered under the provincial or territorial health care system, others might require private insurance or out-of-pocket payment. It’s essential to check with your provincial or territorial health department and any private insurance providers to understand the specifics of coverage.

How can I ensure the safety and trustworthiness of a caregiver coming into my loved one's home?

When hiring a caregiver, it’s crucial to conduct thorough background checks, verify references, and ensure they have the necessary qualifications and training. Many reputable senior home care agencies have stringent vetting processes in place to ensure the caregivers they employ are trustworthy and competent. Additionally, regular communication and monitoring can help ensure the quality of care and the safety of your loved one.